A321neo, ACF Station

Originally intended as an individual building station for a new cabin variant of the A321neo, MCE was commissioned with the realization of a total of 4 structural building stations that were by and large identical in construction. Alongside these high-precision assembly stations for assembling the shells and floor grid for section 17, MCE also supplied the necessary transport and presentation frames, and floor grid stations.
A321neo, ACF Station 2
Lieferumfang: Konzeptionierung, Planung, Fertigung, Montage und Inbetriebnahme von 4 Strukturbauplätzen inklusive Transport- und Präsentierrahmen sowie Fußbodenrostbauplatz
Auftraggeber: Airbus Operations GmbH
Bauzeit: Ende 2016 – Anfang 2020 (4 Stationen, Umsetzung sequenziell)
Standort: Hamburg, Deutschland